Art through Autism equals Artism!



My name is Braxton and I have Autism. The best advice I received was from my parents when they said, “THE ONLY WAY TO RUN AWAY IS THROUGH ART”. I don’t think they liked it when I got frustrated and would leave for hours at a time. Nobody knew except for myself where I was at and when I would show back up at home. After I received this advice at the age of 13, I literally hit the ground running and 5 years later I have made a name for myself in the Art Community where I reside. I feel as though I can tell a story through my art and show the world how I see things. I want to be a Famous Artist and have my pieces all over the world. My favorite medium is Charcoal, Soft Pastels, Alchol Ink Markers, and using multi media to create unique pieces.

Meet The Artist and his side-kick, Soozzie Q

I was born on March 28, 2000 at 11:05 in the morning. I was 9 lbs. 3 oz and 20″ long. Mama said, “I was a big baby!” I think being born in the year 2000 is really cool. Nobody will ever forget how old I am because I am the age of the year at the time, if that makes sense. I am finished growing according to my mom and doctor’s. I didn’t quite reach 6 feet tall but I am not short by any means. I found out at my last visit that I am 5’9″ and 169 lbs. Besides art, I love playing computer games, swimming, kayaking, bike riding, camping, snowboarding and playing my keyboard. Here is two fun facts about me. I have been collecting Hot Wheel Cars since I was 2 years old and currently have over 400 hot wheel cars. I have been collecting books in recent years and I especially love old books.

Soozzie Q is the best working dog ever. She keeps me calm while I wait patiently in waiting rooms for all of my medical appointments. Soozzie Q stays alert and ready to bark if any one approaches me unexpectedly. She thinks it’s pretty cool she doesn’t have to walk along side of my wheelchair. I think she likes to be on my lap so she can see what is going on. In case you are wondering why I am in a wheelchair, I will tell you that I also have a Connective Tissue Disorder, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome Type III. EDS affects all of my muscles, joints, tissues, and ligaments. I use a manual wheelchair like the one I am sitting in or I use a mobility scooter to get around town. These chairs prevent me from getting too tired and falling down. Here’s a great resource to check out in regards to EDS:




I have  a pet dog and her name is Soozzie Q but she isn’t a regular dog. Soozzie Q is my Autism Service Dog. Soozzie Q was born on January 2, 2012, she is a Muggin‘ (It is a cross between the Miniature Pinscher and the Pug.) and she’s been my best friend since January 21, 2013. Soozzie Q was the best early birthday present I ever received and if you ask her, I think she would agree. I love taking her to the parks to play on the slides and push her in the baby swing. I even took Soozzie Q kayaking with me last summer. Soozzie Q also likes to dress up for the Holidays and we like to wear silly hats together, too.