Marshfield Clinic

2017 Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Creativity Contest

I created this piece using Soft Pastels and Charcoal. The emotions on display are Happy, Sad, Angry, and Calm.

“Many Faces of Emotions”, this piece was entered into a Children’s Mental Health Awareness Creativity Contest. This is the second time I have entered a piece in a Children’s Mental Health Awareness Contest. I was the High School first prize winner! I couldn’t believe it when Mama received the phone call and she told me. I was so excited, I started jumping up and down screaming with my hands flapping away! I won a hundred dollar gift certificate from the Chamber of Commerce. I took my gift certificate to Thimbleberry Books in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Where I selected and purchased a total of nine books. I love collecting all sorts of books, especially old books and books on History. I can and have spent many hours in any bookstore I go into. I also like to spend hours at the Library and the Historical Society.

I keep buying books and mama says, “Don’t you have too many books already Braxton?”

I tell my mom, “You can’t have too many books for serious! I will have my own little library of books at my disposal whenever I want to read.”

My dad says, “Braxton do you really read all of those books or are you just collecting?”

I tell my dad, “Yes, I actually read all of my books and I like to collect them. Especially really old books.”

I asked my mom to frame this piece so I could donate it to the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Center in Marshfield, Wisconsin. This piece has been hung up right outside of Dr. Narendran Neelakantachar office, he’s my psychiatrist. I was so excited that I can see it whenever I visit his office and many others can also see my creation, “Many Faces of Emotions.”
Artism By Braxton